Into the mind: Hitomi (Joy)

So, you’ve seen what comes to the mind of the writer almost every day, despite that he stays strong. How could one so depressed survive for so long without getting extremely suicidal? Well that’s actually a little complicated, you see the mind and spirit of Sora, your writer, is controlled by a council of people that he created that you may never have known ever existed. These people were created to represent, and express each of his weaknesses, all of them are the most diverse and strong characters who were born through Roleplay and developed through the means of constant interaction and care.

There are seven of them, each one representing one of his major weaknesses. These weaknesses are: Restraint, Confidence, Kindness, Logic/Deduction, Knowledge, Love, and Joy. Each of these weaknesses are governed by seven characters created and nurtured over the course of his life time, and who have grown into what we call the ‘Core Aspects’ of Sora’s life, they are the ones who aid Sora in his daily life to the point that he probably could not function correctly without them. These seven immensely important people are in order of the Weaknesses: Junilisca Morgan, Kairi Legonz, Kil Mian, Ryoko Hachijojima, Desmond Ji’Kai, Sally and me, Hitomi Morgan.

That’s right, Sora is the vessel for seven amazing people all of who have the life and strength of a real physical person, and today and for the rest of this week, these people will be talking to you and telling you a little about each of them so that you can truly look into the mind of the man who is writing to you.

My name is Hitomi Jyllia Morgan, I was born four years ago from a bland shell of a character, and one of the most special characters in Sora’s mind and spirit. I was the one who unleashed his ability to connect to his characters and enjoy the aspect of roleplaying. I was the first one born into a core character, and I represent his aspect of Joy, one of his Seven Weaknesses. So where do I begin…Let’s see…

Though I say I was born four years ago, I was actually made as a character six years before during a stage where Sora went through a deep love for the character Hitomi from Dead or Alive. My face claim was her even, as time passed I developed a close connection to his Aspect of Restraint, Junlisica. When the place we both came together in was made, Le Coral (An 18+ roleplay Channel on IRC), I was placed as her sister and from there met the love of my life, Marco. Marco was played by a close friend of my creator HeroMystic (Check out his Live Journal Here!)

My life was rough, but it was during a special scene that happened four years ago, in the room of Marco’s current lover, Sally Majors (You’ll hear from her too!), where a moment of weakness for both of us awoke me to the joys that one could have when truly connected to your creator, mind and body as one, emotions abound, it was an amazing experience, so amazing that I myself could never have had a chance to hold back what I was feeling and completely broke down so hard and realistically that Marco, and his player HeroMystic, both felt the strong impact of how I felt. This was my awakening, and my completion taking my rightful place as the Aspect of Joy inside Sora’s heart. From there a lot of rough things happened, I was combined with Sally at one point so that we could both love and have Marco and make him happy, creating a new and strong being by the name of Hana Otohime. However, Sally will go more into that aspect as it was the strongest and most important time for her.

Things happened, and we were split once more, and I was given to a woman named Severus Lime (Pronounced Lee-May, get that right, she’ll hurt you if you don’t.), I loved Severus heavily, but despite that love and connection I had with her, I could never truly get over the one man I loved stronger then anyone else, Marco. Feeling my despair, Sally, and Sora, put together a little plan and got me to where I am today, Severus and I split but joined together in our new found home by Marco’s side. Well, I went into a lot of things involving Marco, so let me talk a little more about myself, I am a WMMA fighter, a Womens Mixed Martial Artist Fighter. Something I share in common with Kairi Legonz, naturally we have a strong rivalry that always ends with her winning any and all confrontations, but honestly I don’t mind it, its fun to train myself.

My favorite food is Onigiri with Seaweed, and I also love playing video games and watching TV. I’m also one of the reasons Sora is so strongly into My Little Pony, those ponies are so adorable, but don’t be to hard on him.. He’s a sweet and strong child. Yes, I say child because he is still a child at heart with innocence that not many people have in them anymore. He relies on his friends for support, and gives them support, but in the end his knowledge of the world and his strength of character is frail, and weak. But that’s okay, he’ll mature within time, and we’ll help him. My name is Hitomi Jyllia Morgan, and I am a fighter, an aspect of a great boys spirit, a woman in love, and a proud person, I’ll stick by his side for eternity, and help him mature and grow, even if everyone else gives up on him.


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