Into the Mind: Kairi (Confidence)

A lack of self-worth, an incomparable desire to just slink into the dark, a lack of interest in communicating with the opposite or same sex… Confidence is something you need to survive in every day life, confidence is something you need to be able to find a mate, reproduce and love. Sora has always had confidence issues due to his childhood, he was very overweight thanks to the medicine he was taking, and because of that he was picked on at school, and bullied somewhat. It didn’t help that he was a gamer, and really liked reading as well, total nerd.

Being bullied and suffering for something he couldn’t control caused him to repress himself, view himself as low, have little to any self worth, he wanted to be a fly on the wall, invisible, and unable to be seen by anyone, he has extreme difficulty approaching and expressing his feelings towards females which lead to the reasoning as to why he has no real life girlfriend, and probably won’t for quite a few years. Sora is a big ball of lack-of-confidence, however, that changed five years ago…

My name is Kairi Legonz, and I am Sora’s Aspect of Confidence. What is there to say about me? I’m outgoing, excitable, strong, effectively I am the perfect woman to Sora. I was created as Sora’s second character in his roleplaying history, the only one who is older then me is Galson Weddmeir. I, however, did not come into any roleplays until Le Coral came around. There I was able to come alive, Sora and I both equally agree that I am his most broken character in existence due to all the power I have. I am super strong, I am a Lycan, I am a half-god, and I am a trained fighter, other people have stronger characters but you know, I’m content with where I am on the power gauge.

Now, how did I awake to my aspect of confidence? Well like I said it happened three years ago. Back then I had yet to get with the man I am with and love now, William Jewel. Back then I was a third wheel on the set behind the more focused on Alena Fon’Terio, Mystic (Another character whom is played by HeroMystic), and Junilisca Morgan. Its hard to remember everything that happened, but I’ll do my best to explain it. In Le Coral, it was an 18+ RP with a lot of sex, where we could all live out our fantasies without the need to be judged or worry about being told that we were wrong for liking this stuff. At the time Junilisca was dating Marco Thompson before Sally Majors came into the picture as Marco’s lover. Things were kinda slow for me, and I never really had any strong interaction with anyone, but I met and befriended my current lover, William Jewel.

You see, I was a body guard for the really popular band Vybe, all the girls loved this band, and I was lucky enough to be part of their rise to popularity… Secretly I was a fangirl of vybe for many years (Don’t tell Will this, he’d never let me live it down!). So being able to be part of their group made me feel awesome, and amazing. William was rough, very rough, at the time of his creation in Le Coral. He was like a little lost puppy in a world where everyone was against him, and it was true at the time he had a lot of enemies from Jack Dawmer (That fucking Transvestite Fuck), to sometimes even his own friends. I saw him as a challenge and decided to take him head on, but almost instantly fell in love with him.

It wasn’t until about a year later that my aspect awoke inside of me, at the time William had more then one girlfriend, not just me, but also Muzini, and Rosie Dawmer. By this point I’m sure you’re wondering why I even mentioned Juni at this point, that’s because this next part heavily involves her. Marco broke up with Juni because she allowed him to be ‘to free’, going around and plowing different women allowed him to fall for these women because Marco had a very easy time connecting to them, this is how he found his current lover Sally Majors. Juni, wrecked with heartbreak, and despair, sought out my comfort and by that proxy met William Jewel, my boyfriend at the time.

This all lead up to the major scene that took place a few weeks after Juni was accepted into our folds as one of Williams lovers. Something happened, I don’t precisely remember what, but I want to say that Juni was sleeping around and acting whorish trying to forget about Marco, and William found her and caught her in the act. He made the other guy leave and tried confronting Junilisca, however she was angry, pissed off, jaded, and began insulting William. William lost his shit and wound up raping Juni, quite harshly. I felt something was wrong and quickly made my way to William’s location, and caught him in the act.

My emotions flared, my connection to Sora happened almost instantly, and I was pissed the fuck off. Juni, who had just recently at the time went through all that shit in Smash, was now going through it here, in Le Coral, and I went berserk, I attacked William, and beat him down until he was subdued. When that happened, he went back to normal and realized what he did and was immensely sorry. However this action was not all bad, as it lead to the reset of the game that, once done, I awoke to my aspect of confidence, swearing that I would be the only girl that William would ever need. The confidence that I had lacked before, that showed in my allowing him to have these other mates, Muzini, Rosie, and Juni, I gained and I swore that I would make myself into the woman that William would rely on.

So that was my awakening, and that’s my story. I bet your wondering what happened after that scene, huh? Well, the reset happened, and Juni realized what she had been doing. Juni and William have reconciled since, and have become good friends, and me? Well lets just say that without me William’s life would be very empty, as would mine if he left. We have many kids, an entire pack of Lycans, all loving and caring individuals who are strong and unique in their own way, and we’re married. I have a best friend in the manager of Vybe, Danielle, and I’m coming to grips with my own character. I am Kairi Legonz, I am Sora’s aspect of Confidence, and I am proud to say that I am my own, strong, individual.I fight in the WMMA and am the sole raining champion as of the last five years, and I am a proud Half-God and Lycan. And there is nothing that’ll stop me from aiding Sora become the confident man he needs to be.


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