Into the Mind: Kil Mian (Kindness)

Kindness is a dying breed within this world of corruption and ill-repute. So few people have kindness, some with good reason, some without. Sora was one of those with good reason not to be kind, the world shit kicked him hard, and all he saw was the bad in people for a long time. So he showed the world in kind just what it showed him, despair. With a world so cold at his back, he would chase away anyone and everyone, lacking very few people who could handle his despicable nature that he showed. This would go on for years, and it would cause him deep and sorrowful pain to his core.

This all changed when Sora started going onto IRC, a place where he could express himself without fear of being judged face to face. Unfortunately with this freedom, he tended quite a lot, to forget that there are real people on the otherside of the computer. So for many years he found himself pissing people off, and causing issues that would escalate into bigger things at times. This changed about halfway through his life on IRC, when he joined Sorcery. He met and befriended four people there that changed his outlook on IRC. These four people are (You probably guessed two): HeroMystic, Li, Masaru, and Eri. Before them there was only one person who he really treated as a person on IRC, and that was Vampiric-Rage.

These four people completely changed his outlook of IRC, and made him realize that though there was space between them, they were still people, with feelings, with emotions. Though there was a screen before him, there was a screen before them as well. So he struggled, struggled hard to change, and change he did as slow as it was. He began learning how to handle the world, and how to exert the kindness that he had for so long ignored. This is where I was born, during the reign of probably his most successful RP; Le Coral. My name is Kil Mian, and I am Sora’s Aspect of Kindness.

My awakening was unfortunately a very long ways away from Kairi, Juni, Sally and Hitomi. Between Sally’s awakening, and my awakening, Sora had hit a standstill in awakenings due to a long period of hiatus in almost every RP he was in. Mainly due to HeroMystic and him having a falling out that would leave them not talking for quite a few months, perhaps even half a year. Eventually they started talking again, and things began to pick up again. It was during this time that I had met a young boy by the name of Xavier. During this first instance, he was Kairi and Williams son and he was sent to me to be trained due to his innate psychic powers. He was young, and handsome, and I personally found him very attractive. I instantly fell in love with him and we got together despite the age gap between us.

Things went on for a while and things were going great, however in Season 2 something happened that was not expected. I had a break down and went off on my own to try and do something that my followers, the Dream Knights (Thats right I’m a Princess, nothing to fret over), were failing to do. It was during this time I was captured and brainwashed by the enemy who controlled me and kept my memories in check with a specialized Mask. The group found me and Setsuna, a person who could bend the rules of reality, used his special ability to make it so any time my minions attacked, everyone got a free attack on -me-. To note, the mask was also able to be attacked, so everyone wound up attacking my body which caused my death, due to over damage.

My mind went blank, and I stopped paying attention to the world around me at that point. Sometime during this I was created in Smash, where I would become the princess of Ilia, in the fire emblem world. This is the place I met someone I considered and still do consider, one of my mental rocks, Alisha Primus. Despite my breakdown, Alisha and I hit it off swimmingly, Xavier came in soon after, and we all three became close friends, with Xavier becoming my lover, and Alisha becoming somewhat of a lover as well, but more so my best friend. It was with their help that I came back from the brink of despair, and Sora used my new found desire to live to bring me back in Le Coral using Xavier, and his succubus follower one of the seven demons of Kinan. Originally Sora wanted to use Mystic, but Mystic didn’t desire to be used in such a way, and I respected that, he had Alena and his own child to worry about.

When I awoke, I awoke to a new life, with my aspect in tact. Alisha, Xavier, Mystic, Alena, Junilisca, Kairi, HeroMystic, Li, and Sora never gave up on me, they showed me kindness when I was lost, and they guided me back to the path of light. I am Princess Kil Mian, Ruler of Ilia in Fire Emblem, and Ruler of Danbarl in Le Coral, I owe everything I am to Sora and his friends, and the people I care and love for. I know this is short in comparison to the others, but I’m just not that good at explaining myself. I will be by Sora’s side, Alisha’s Side, Xavier’s Side, and Mystics Side until the day where we may no longer be together, I will raise them up when they get down, and I will be their rock when they need me to be. I am Kil Mian, and I am Sora’s Aspect of Kindness, and I love him and all my friends and lovers and families with the dearest intent.


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