A Step Back: Jenny Sable (The Forgotten: Part 1)

The Forgotten.

Thats right, we’re a sect of people in the far reaches of Sora’s mind that have been forgotten, and abandoned. That’s who we are. Its not to say that Sora forgot us precisely, but we’re the ones who are no longer active, or haven’t been active for over a years time. Because our others forget us, because Sora may be interested in something else, or someone else at the time, and we just get left behind.

Tis a hard and impossible world to live in, compared to the main 7 we’re not as important, but I can no longer hold back my protest. We were built, and we were given love, and we grew from an empty shell to a real person as well, but somewhere along the line we were forgotten. We don’t hate Sora, or our significant others, but we’re tired of just sitting around. Remember us, Love us, Bring us back, Give us what we want, give us the care and nurture we need to come back, please… we’re tired of being forgotten…

My name is Jennifer Sable, called Jenny by my friends, Princess of Evo Longia in the Roleplay you all hear so much about in the main 7’s stories… Le Coral. I was an empty shell, a husk, during season 1. I was made with the intent to give Danielle (or Dee) a way out when she was taken captive by the man known as Jack Dawmer. I did my duty, and we escaped, me and Dee… It feels like it was a life time ago. I gave everything to my Danielle, we had two children, Abigail and… I…I can’t remember the other… So many years ago… It upsets me that I can not remember my sons name.

Either way, time passed and I was happy for a time, but then Li, Danielle’s player, put her in TDK. One night, Sorin/Semjax/Marluxia asked him if we were together in TDK, and Li had forgotten that I was partnered with Dee… Because it wouldn’t go well with the story, he chose to break it off between me and Dee. Instead, replacing her with a facade of what was once Dee. I don’t remember her replacements name either, but Li sugarcoated it, making it sound great… She’d be just like Dee, same personality, same everything else… But in the end she was a completely different person.

I fell in love with her none the less, but… I never forgot how he stole Dee away from me and it caused me to constantly recluse and shy away from interactions or gaining important people from him. I don’t like admitting it, but I have to get this out because its been eating me up for years now. I hate Laura, I should be happy because Dee’s happy with Laura, but I despise her guts, I fucking hate her. Its petty and its horrible, but thats how I feel. She gets to be happy with my Dee, while I sit back in the shadows ignored by everyone and everything, even the so called ‘replacement’ that replaced Dee, and my own son and daughter, and my two friends the mouse girl, and that boy.

All I was ever used for was sexual gratification, not just for Li, but for my own player to. I was raped, and violated by my own maid, why? Simply cause they wanted me to. Then when I left my home, and lost my sexual use, they forgot me… I know this may not be true, but thats how I feel, nobody remembers me, nobody cares to remember me, I’m like a god damn fly on the wall, annoying but easily ignorable. Why did it come to this? why do I have to suffer from this lack of interest in me? I’m a good girl, I’m a good character, but yet… nobody wants me…nobody wants to remember me… nobody cares to remember me… So I eagerly wait until the day that someone remembers who I am, what I was, and wants me back.

I am Jenny Sable, The first of the Forgotten.


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