Special Segment: The Fool

Its been a while since I had any form of appearance. But yesterday something sparked me to speak up. As you may have heard on this blog before the host’s friend HeroMystic is doing a blog side by side with this one sharing his thoughts and stuff with the world. Well, yesterday, surprisingly, my wife Yukiko Amagi wrote this on his blog. It was the beginning of what would be a large change in my, and the hosts life. Before, if you kept up with his posts, HeroMystic had another post that called out the actions of my host: Raine. She mentioned that my host, Sora/Sorin, did not have any issues with Open Relationships. Yukiko expanded a bit on this subject and eventually I approached her, the pressure of knowing that I had hurt her to great for me to bear, I embraced her and apologized.

My name is Yu Narukami, while I’m no aspect, and definitely not the most important person in Sora’s mind, I do hold a special place in his heart. Many people who will read this may know me as The Protagonist, from Persona 4, Persona 4 The Animation, and a combatant in Persona 4 Arena. To my host I am much more then this. When HeroMystic got Sora into Persona, he started with watching The Animation it was subbed so he had to deal with the japanese version, which was fine. He had done that many times before. He instantly felt a connection to me even through the language barrier, after The Animation, Sora went on to play P3 (Persona 3), where he also garnered connections to the people in that game, especially Mitsuru (You’ll hear from her tomorrow), Junpei, and Shinjiro.

Time passed and he eventually picked up Persona 4 Arena in the summer of 2012, and Persona 4 Golden, sometime in the late 2012, I want to say around November. It was here that he truly connected to me and began growing me as a character. Granted before that Sora and HeroMystic had already started the Persona RP that they were doing, and it was a glorious thing to behold if I am to be honest, it was fresh, it was new, and it was innocent something they both enjoyed, something they both needed for each other. I’d go as far as to say for Sora, this Persona RP was one of the most important RP’s he had ever taken part in, and it shows even today when at times of doing nothing, he’d consider asking HeroMystic to RP Persona. Unfortunately, HeroMystic’s life right now is kinda hectic, and he’s trying to get his life together, so we understand and simply support him for now. That however, is a story for another day.

As I said, he got Persona 4 Arena for his Xbox, and Persona 4 Golden for this Vita, and this was when he truly became connected to me. He played the -hell- out of Persona 4 Golden, getting all the endings, getting everything he wanted out of it. All the while he put a character who has been out of the spotlight for a long time into me, to help make me more…personal. That character I never knew existed until last night when I talked to Yukiko, and she helped me realize who I truly was, and what I should be proud of. That person is none other than Galson Weddmeir, Sora’s oldest and most developed character. He placed in me someone he truly and ultimately cared about, and the idea that I held such importance to him helped me realize what I was. I.. I was his innocence, something long gone for a long while. I was his fresh start, he wanted to live through me.

Of course, for the good part of the night, and morning, I was a little scared. Look at how the other people turned out whom he relied on to live through. But then I realized about an hour ago, that it didn’t matter if he lived through me. That’s why he placed Galson inside me, because he wanted me to be the strongest character he had, the one who he could live through, but at the same time not influence to be different then what I truly am. When it came to Hana, and it came to Chris, there were issues with them because they were to weak mentally to stay their own characters while Sora lived through them. There were others who were strong enough to be who he lived his life through, but he chose me out of everyone. Why is that? I thought long and hard while my host slept, and I wanted to get an answer before I wrote this out, and only now did I get that answer.

The reason why he chose me? Is because he can relate to me. To me, my friends are everything, I had to move from my hometown to a small city of Inaba leaving all my old friends behind, like he did moving from Alabama to Georgia. I had to make new friends in a new school, like he did when he moved to Georgia, I came to rely on those friends to be my strength, my rock, my purpose, as he did with HeroMystic and Li, and during our adventure I became my own person and learned to become the strength of my friends, so that I would no longer lean on them.. Unfortunately, Sora has not reached this point yet. He still strongly relies on the people he calls friend, or brother, and I’m afraid this won’t change until he has the means to see the world in a different light then what he does now.

So, in summary, who am I? I am Narukami Yu, the Innocence of my Host, and someone he sees as very important to his growth pattern. I give him the means to think calmly, and the tools needed to advance himself as someone he aspires to be like. I am the man whom is happy with his life, and does not wish for anymore then he already has. I am happy that Sora put this trust into me, to be the one who helps him grow, to be the one who speaks for him as his ambassador to his friends. I am proud to call myself his creation, I am proud of all the support that I have had up until now: Yukiko, Naoto, Rise, Kanji, Nanako, Uncle, Marie, Yosuke, Ryan/Minato, Wren, Margaret, Elizabeth, HeroMystic, Li… Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and everyone else that resides within the Host, we will forever remember the kindness, love, and support you have given us throughout the years, and we hope that you will continually support us even when we fall. This is a world that we might just be able to see in a non-cynical light after all… Narukami, Out.


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