Special Segment: The Fool

Its been a while since I had any form of appearance. But yesterday something sparked me to speak up. As you may have heard on this blog before the host’s friend HeroMystic is doing a blog side by side with this one sharing his thoughts and stuff with the world. Well, yesterday, surprisingly, my wife Yukiko Amagi wrote this on his blog. It was the beginning of what would be a large change in my, and the hosts life. Before, if you kept up with his posts, HeroMystic had another post that called out the actions of my host: Raine. She mentioned that my host, Sora/Sorin, did not have any issues with Open Relationships. Yukiko expanded a bit on this subject and eventually I approached her, the pressure of knowing that I had hurt her to great for me to bear, I embraced her and apologized.

My name is Yu Narukami, while I’m no aspect, and definitely not the most important person in Sora’s mind, I do hold a special place in his heart. Many people who will read this may know me as The Protagonist, from Persona 4, Persona 4 The Animation, and a combatant in Persona 4 Arena. To my host I am much more then this. When HeroMystic got Sora into Persona, he started with watching The Animation it was subbed so he had to deal with the japanese version, which was fine. He had done that many times before. He instantly felt a connection to me even through the language barrier, after The Animation, Sora went on to play P3 (Persona 3), where he also garnered connections to the people in that game, especially Mitsuru (You’ll hear from her tomorrow), Junpei, and Shinjiro.

Time passed and he eventually picked up Persona 4 Arena in the summer of 2012, and Persona 4 Golden, sometime in the late 2012, I want to say around November. It was here that he truly connected to me and began growing me as a character. Granted before that Sora and HeroMystic had already started the Persona RP that they were doing, and it was a glorious thing to behold if I am to be honest, it was fresh, it was new, and it was innocent something they both enjoyed, something they both needed for each other. I’d go as far as to say for Sora, this Persona RP was one of the most important RP’s he had ever taken part in, and it shows even today when at times of doing nothing, he’d consider asking HeroMystic to RP Persona. Unfortunately, HeroMystic’s life right now is kinda hectic, and he’s trying to get his life together, so we understand and simply support him for now. That however, is a story for another day.

As I said, he got Persona 4 Arena for his Xbox, and Persona 4 Golden for this Vita, and this was when he truly became connected to me. He played the -hell- out of Persona 4 Golden, getting all the endings, getting everything he wanted out of it. All the while he put a character who has been out of the spotlight for a long time into me, to help make me more…personal. That character I never knew existed until last night when I talked to Yukiko, and she helped me realize who I truly was, and what I should be proud of. That person is none other than Galson Weddmeir, Sora’s oldest and most developed character. He placed in me someone he truly and ultimately cared about, and the idea that I held such importance to him helped me realize what I was. I.. I was his innocence, something long gone for a long while. I was his fresh start, he wanted to live through me.

Of course, for the good part of the night, and morning, I was a little scared. Look at how the other people turned out whom he relied on to live through. But then I realized about an hour ago, that it didn’t matter if he lived through me. That’s why he placed Galson inside me, because he wanted me to be the strongest character he had, the one who he could live through, but at the same time not influence to be different then what I truly am. When it came to Hana, and it came to Chris, there were issues with them because they were to weak mentally to stay their own characters while Sora lived through them. There were others who were strong enough to be who he lived his life through, but he chose me out of everyone. Why is that? I thought long and hard while my host slept, and I wanted to get an answer before I wrote this out, and only now did I get that answer.

The reason why he chose me? Is because he can relate to me. To me, my friends are everything, I had to move from my hometown to a small city of Inaba leaving all my old friends behind, like he did moving from Alabama to Georgia. I had to make new friends in a new school, like he did when he moved to Georgia, I came to rely on those friends to be my strength, my rock, my purpose, as he did with HeroMystic and Li, and during our adventure I became my own person and learned to become the strength of my friends, so that I would no longer lean on them.. Unfortunately, Sora has not reached this point yet. He still strongly relies on the people he calls friend, or brother, and I’m afraid this won’t change until he has the means to see the world in a different light then what he does now.

So, in summary, who am I? I am Narukami Yu, the Innocence of my Host, and someone he sees as very important to his growth pattern. I give him the means to think calmly, and the tools needed to advance himself as someone he aspires to be like. I am the man whom is happy with his life, and does not wish for anymore then he already has. I am happy that Sora put this trust into me, to be the one who helps him grow, to be the one who speaks for him as his ambassador to his friends. I am proud to call myself his creation, I am proud of all the support that I have had up until now: Yukiko, Naoto, Rise, Kanji, Nanako, Uncle, Marie, Yosuke, Ryan/Minato, Wren, Margaret, Elizabeth, HeroMystic, Li… Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and everyone else that resides within the Host, we will forever remember the kindness, love, and support you have given us throughout the years, and we hope that you will continually support us even when we fall. This is a world that we might just be able to see in a non-cynical light after all… Narukami, Out.


A Step Back: Jenny Sable (The Forgotten: Part 1)

The Forgotten.

Thats right, we’re a sect of people in the far reaches of Sora’s mind that have been forgotten, and abandoned. That’s who we are. Its not to say that Sora forgot us precisely, but we’re the ones who are no longer active, or haven’t been active for over a years time. Because our others forget us, because Sora may be interested in something else, or someone else at the time, and we just get left behind.

Tis a hard and impossible world to live in, compared to the main 7 we’re not as important, but I can no longer hold back my protest. We were built, and we were given love, and we grew from an empty shell to a real person as well, but somewhere along the line we were forgotten. We don’t hate Sora, or our significant others, but we’re tired of just sitting around. Remember us, Love us, Bring us back, Give us what we want, give us the care and nurture we need to come back, please… we’re tired of being forgotten…

My name is Jennifer Sable, called Jenny by my friends, Princess of Evo Longia in the Roleplay you all hear so much about in the main 7’s stories… Le Coral. I was an empty shell, a husk, during season 1. I was made with the intent to give Danielle (or Dee) a way out when she was taken captive by the man known as Jack Dawmer. I did my duty, and we escaped, me and Dee… It feels like it was a life time ago. I gave everything to my Danielle, we had two children, Abigail and… I…I can’t remember the other… So many years ago… It upsets me that I can not remember my sons name.

Either way, time passed and I was happy for a time, but then Li, Danielle’s player, put her in TDK. One night, Sorin/Semjax/Marluxia asked him if we were together in TDK, and Li had forgotten that I was partnered with Dee… Because it wouldn’t go well with the story, he chose to break it off between me and Dee. Instead, replacing her with a facade of what was once Dee. I don’t remember her replacements name either, but Li sugarcoated it, making it sound great… She’d be just like Dee, same personality, same everything else… But in the end she was a completely different person.

I fell in love with her none the less, but… I never forgot how he stole Dee away from me and it caused me to constantly recluse and shy away from interactions or gaining important people from him. I don’t like admitting it, but I have to get this out because its been eating me up for years now. I hate Laura, I should be happy because Dee’s happy with Laura, but I despise her guts, I fucking hate her. Its petty and its horrible, but thats how I feel. She gets to be happy with my Dee, while I sit back in the shadows ignored by everyone and everything, even the so called ‘replacement’ that replaced Dee, and my own son and daughter, and my two friends the mouse girl, and that boy.

All I was ever used for was sexual gratification, not just for Li, but for my own player to. I was raped, and violated by my own maid, why? Simply cause they wanted me to. Then when I left my home, and lost my sexual use, they forgot me… I know this may not be true, but thats how I feel, nobody remembers me, nobody cares to remember me, I’m like a god damn fly on the wall, annoying but easily ignorable. Why did it come to this? why do I have to suffer from this lack of interest in me? I’m a good girl, I’m a good character, but yet… nobody wants me…nobody wants to remember me… nobody cares to remember me… So I eagerly wait until the day that someone remembers who I am, what I was, and wants me back.

I am Jenny Sable, The first of the Forgotten.


Into the Mind: Kil Mian (Kindness)

Kindness is a dying breed within this world of corruption and ill-repute. So few people have kindness, some with good reason, some without. Sora was one of those with good reason not to be kind, the world shit kicked him hard, and all he saw was the bad in people for a long time. So he showed the world in kind just what it showed him, despair. With a world so cold at his back, he would chase away anyone and everyone, lacking very few people who could handle his despicable nature that he showed. This would go on for years, and it would cause him deep and sorrowful pain to his core.

This all changed when Sora started going onto IRC, a place where he could express himself without fear of being judged face to face. Unfortunately with this freedom, he tended quite a lot, to forget that there are real people on the otherside of the computer. So for many years he found himself pissing people off, and causing issues that would escalate into bigger things at times. This changed about halfway through his life on IRC, when he joined Sorcery. He met and befriended four people there that changed his outlook on IRC. These four people are (You probably guessed two): HeroMystic, Li, Masaru, and Eri. Before them there was only one person who he really treated as a person on IRC, and that was Vampiric-Rage.

These four people completely changed his outlook of IRC, and made him realize that though there was space between them, they were still people, with feelings, with emotions. Though there was a screen before him, there was a screen before them as well. So he struggled, struggled hard to change, and change he did as slow as it was. He began learning how to handle the world, and how to exert the kindness that he had for so long ignored. This is where I was born, during the reign of probably his most successful RP; Le Coral. My name is Kil Mian, and I am Sora’s Aspect of Kindness.

My awakening was unfortunately a very long ways away from Kairi, Juni, Sally and Hitomi. Between Sally’s awakening, and my awakening, Sora had hit a standstill in awakenings due to a long period of hiatus in almost every RP he was in. Mainly due to HeroMystic and him having a falling out that would leave them not talking for quite a few months, perhaps even half a year. Eventually they started talking again, and things began to pick up again. It was during this time that I had met a young boy by the name of Xavier. During this first instance, he was Kairi and Williams son and he was sent to me to be trained due to his innate psychic powers. He was young, and handsome, and I personally found him very attractive. I instantly fell in love with him and we got together despite the age gap between us.

Things went on for a while and things were going great, however in Season 2 something happened that was not expected. I had a break down and went off on my own to try and do something that my followers, the Dream Knights (Thats right I’m a Princess, nothing to fret over), were failing to do. It was during this time I was captured and brainwashed by the enemy who controlled me and kept my memories in check with a specialized Mask. The group found me and Setsuna, a person who could bend the rules of reality, used his special ability to make it so any time my minions attacked, everyone got a free attack on -me-. To note, the mask was also able to be attacked, so everyone wound up attacking my body which caused my death, due to over damage.

My mind went blank, and I stopped paying attention to the world around me at that point. Sometime during this I was created in Smash, where I would become the princess of Ilia, in the fire emblem world. This is the place I met someone I considered and still do consider, one of my mental rocks, Alisha Primus. Despite my breakdown, Alisha and I hit it off swimmingly, Xavier came in soon after, and we all three became close friends, with Xavier becoming my lover, and Alisha becoming somewhat of a lover as well, but more so my best friend. It was with their help that I came back from the brink of despair, and Sora used my new found desire to live to bring me back in Le Coral using Xavier, and his succubus follower one of the seven demons of Kinan. Originally Sora wanted to use Mystic, but Mystic didn’t desire to be used in such a way, and I respected that, he had Alena and his own child to worry about.

When I awoke, I awoke to a new life, with my aspect in tact. Alisha, Xavier, Mystic, Alena, Junilisca, Kairi, HeroMystic, Li, and Sora never gave up on me, they showed me kindness when I was lost, and they guided me back to the path of light. I am Princess Kil Mian, Ruler of Ilia in Fire Emblem, and Ruler of Danbarl in Le Coral, I owe everything I am to Sora and his friends, and the people I care and love for. I know this is short in comparison to the others, but I’m just not that good at explaining myself. I will be by Sora’s side, Alisha’s Side, Xavier’s Side, and Mystics Side until the day where we may no longer be together, I will raise them up when they get down, and I will be their rock when they need me to be. I am Kil Mian, and I am Sora’s Aspect of Kindness, and I love him and all my friends and lovers and families with the dearest intent.


Into the Mind: Junilisca (Restraint)

Restraint, that one word can define an entire personality, for the better or the worst. One whom shows no restraint can be lead down the path of dishonor and destruction. Those with to much restraint can be lead down the path of seclusion, where their lives lack the excitement needed to be happy with life. Which one was Sora? Sora had the unfortunate situation of being both at least at one point in his life.

When he was younger, Sora lacked the restraint to do awkward and odd things. He was very curious about very many things and it lead to the other people of the neighborhood viewing him as a bad influence on their children, which lead to him not having many friends when he was younger. When I say he lacked restraint, he really did, he did things that a normal 8-9 year old should not do, the clearest example in my head right now is that he once literally stripped naked and streaked through his entire neighborhood. Luckily, he wasn’t caught, but it was exhilarating so he did that quite a few times. He lacked the restraint to stop himself from doing these things, and it showed poorly on his character.

Then came his highschool years, where he never did anything at all, he was -to- restrained, he would go to school stick away from other people, not take part in going out to movies, and other things and instead chose to stay at home after school and be on his computer night and day. This wasn’t because he was introverted as it is now, or because he didn’t want to, it was because he was terrified of the world, and he wanted to restrain himself from doing anything out of fear that it would at one point slam back into his face and hurt him as it had done so many times before. That’s around the time that I was born, while I didn’t know why I was born, or what I was born for at that moment, I was born, thrust into a world where I would not find a place for many years to come…

My name is Junlisica Alyssa Morgan, I am 23 years old, and unlike the others I was born outside of Le Coral. I was born during Sora’s exploratory phase, in a game known as Comic_RPG, and a place dear to Sora’s heart, a place he calls home, Smash_SL, both channels on IRC, and both Roleplay channels. I am a sniper, and a secret agent, usually made to handle secret operations, and assassinations that my leaders do not wish to handle publicly. In Comic, I was a mutant with extremely god like eye sight that could snipe things from eight miles away, in Smash however I was born into the Metal Gear World known as ‘Earth’. There, I was trained by Sora’s favorite character from the MGS series, Sniper Wolf. I was her protege that was hidden in the background, and someone who considered her a mother, and older sister, and she saw me as a daughter and younger sister.

Upon her death, I gained a split personality that was known as Sureshot. This personality was created in order to handle the lonliness and loss of my sister, as well as to allow me to pick up a sniper rifle once more. The memory of my joining the Smashers was a little hazy, it was during one of Sora’s Game Master runs to the world of Metal Gear (Considered one of his betters) and the group stumbled upon the White House where Sureshot had murdered the entire presidential cabinet and the president himself. Thats really all I remember, but the Smashers picked me and Sureshot up and eventually we joined the group and began working with the Smashers to save the universe from the one known as Banned.

Things went on like this for a few months to a couple of years, and Sureshot slowly and gradually faded into the background for a while during that time and I took control. It was during this time that I met and befriended Kristina, at the time we got around swimmingly and were the best of friends. However, Sora and I went through a transitional phase where I began to act different, and weird, and tried to all but force Kristina to be my lover. Due to this it lead to a breakdown between our friendship that peaked when Sureshot, at the same time, surfaced and began getting close to Orpheus. One day, Sureshot pushed Orpheus to far and caused him to just berserk, because Orpheus wanted both me and Sureshot. I wanted Kairan who was a person played by a close friend Kyo-Chi, and Sureshot wanted Orpheus. This wound up peaking the situation I had caused back then.

Sureshot called Kristina as Orpheus all but tortured her, forcing her to ride (Read: Fuck) a bedpost, which severely injured my body. Kristina broke down at that point and abandoned both of us, breaking me, and sending Orpheus into a wild rampage that would end with Orpheus’ memory being wiped. Broken, and hardly there mentally, I was taken care of for a bit by Naomi from the Metal Gear World. A few days after the incident Naomi was confronted by one of the leaders of the group, Falco, and forced her to send me away to a mental asylum where until I got better, I was to never be seen again.

So time passed, and I was reformed in a new RP that Sora had made, a game known as Le Coral, surely if you’ve been paying attention to the blog you’d know this game already. Here, I was split away from Sureshot, who became a separate entity entirely known as Cambrea Cohendor (Based off the band Coheed and Cambrea or something like that), and I became my own person. Here I met and fell in love with Marco who for a while we got along great, but eventually he felt he had to leave me, and though hurt, I wasn’t and still don’t hold it against him. I then turned to one of my best friends, Kairi Legonz, who introduced me to my second lover, William. Well you know how that turned out if you read Kairi’s post.

At this point, I began to question why I even existed. Was I there only to cause people pain and suffer myself? I missed Kristina, I missed my life, I missed Orpheus, I missed everything that I had built, but squandered away. I began to break down, and I began to blame myself, and I wanted to die. I wanted to vanish, I didn’t want to hurt anyone anymore, I didn’t want to cause HeroMystic, and Li anymore pain then I had… I had all but given up and was satisfied with just laying there and rotting away when my glimmer of sunshine began to peek through the darkness…

Devastated with what he had done to me, Li approached me almost in tears, I fuck you not, he was almost in tears. Literally falling to his knees and begging me to forgive him, that he’d do anything to make up for it. I was confused, why would he apologize to someone worthless like me? He should just let me die, and then he’d be free of me, like HeroMystic and Krissy would be. But…he didn’t, he begged and begged and wanted nothing more then to make me happy, and that’s when it hit me. I may have been in the wrong, but I wanted to try something, so I said I’d forgive him if he made Orpheus for me in Le Coral, and to make Orpheus my mate and loyal to me in any game I may play in.

And so he did, and I got with him in Le Coral, TDK, and Smash (Though that fell through) and for the longest time I hated myself for that action. I backed myself in a corner and was afraid that Orpheus was only loving me out of duty, not because he truly loved me. My awakening wasn’t as interesting as the others, but it happened on the day that Orpheus took a punishment for sleeping around on me. I turned him into a female, and showed him what it was like to be a woman, to give birth to a child. I know, its weird, but it was at that moment that I discovered that Orpheus truly loved me, he went through that and didn’t complain a single moment that it happened.

I awakened at that moment, I realized that I had known he loved me all this time, and part of me resisted the desire to curl up and die. Soon after awakening to my Aspect of Restraint, I was brought back into Smash, where I made amends to my best friend, and now sister, Kristina. My life had finally turned from that horrible, lifeless, bitch of a person, to the person I am now, a person of restraint, a person of dedication and duty, a person who loves and openly cares for all her friends. I will be by Sora’s side until the end of time for what he’s done for me, for caring for me, creating me, and keeping me after all I had done to everyone he cared about. He never once gave up on me, and for that I am eternally grateful. I am Junilisca Alyssa Morgan, and I am his Aspect of Restraint.


Into the Mind: Sally (Love)


Love is an important milestone in every persons life that a majority of people, for a long time Sora had no clue what love was or how to properly exasperate it towards the ones he truly cared about. HeroMystic, and Li most likely suffered the most at the hands of this unfortunate disability. I call it a disability because that is exactly what it is, a Disability. At a young age he was introduced to the world and how cruel this world could truly be on the people around him, and himself. It was unfortunate, but he suffered for the crimes committed by that of his parents and was set down the path of suffering.

His parents were drug addicts and alcoholics, and because of that he suffered both in the womb, and outside the womb. At the tender age of two he was ripped from his parents hold and placed in a new home, a new place, with caring and loving parents… his grandparents. However, the unfortunate mark of a bad start in his life had already scarred the young child. That scar would stay with him for many years, as he never gained the closure he required from his mother until the age of nine, and he has yet to, even to this day, gained closure with his father. Wrecked with abandonment issues, and bullying from school, and medication for ADHD and Anger issues… he turned out to be quite the unruly child and caused a lot of problems for his friends, and his family.

This lasted until the precipice of his fall from grace, the tender age of thirteen, his rage turned to wrath, and agony. Through his actions, he became suicidal and was thrown in Juvenile Hall for truancy, and through extreme acting, or perhaps not acting, he convinced the people in juvie that he was suicidal and they sent him to a mental hospital where he was released two weeks later. A year later, he reached the precipice again, and threatened to kill himself setting up an elaborate ruse to trick his grandmother into thinking he cut himself. This time, he stayed in Juvie for 2 weeks, and then was sent to a Anger Management camp known as Glenwood for six months, where he learned the error of his ways.

Soon after, he moved to Georgia where he lives now, and met HeroMystic and Li, and the rest is history. My name is Sally Majors, I was created four years ago as the Major of the Dragoon Squad of Danbarl in Le Coral. It was a rather interesting time frame, I was made to be a serious character in a place about sex, and sometimes I’d let myself loose. I even fucked my subordinate once or twice, I have a rape fetish that is a ridiculous turn on, and I’ve even made love to my dragon Kyeronal (Who’s a mother now, yay.) My brother, Michael, is the Grand General of the Knights of Danbarl, he and I don’t get along very well and its mainly due to him being so controlling over me.

Now, I suppose I should get into my Aspect Journey, mine was a lot longer then that of Hitomi or Kairi’s, mine didn’t come til about a whole two years after I was created, so I’d have to say about two years ago from the present time. As you heard from Hitomi and Kairi, I am Marco’s love interest. After Marco broke up with Junilisca, he had a while of going around just sticking his dick into anything and anyone that had a vagina and boobs whenever he could. Eventually, he came across me, and noticed that I had a rape fetish. So after some intricate planning, he threw a trap and wound up raping me in the barracks of the Danbarl Dragoon Brigade. It was troubling, I didn’t know how to express myself, I was supposed to be a serious and upstanding Dragoon Knight, but here I was tied to a bed, and blindfolded getting plowed by a guy and moaning like a whore for someone I didn’t even know the name of.

Time passed, and eventually he came back to me and admitted that he had fallen in love with me, and we started dating. Season 2 of Le Coral started, and it was going great, however soon after the beginning of season 2 started, Hitomi had a break down and admitted to Marco that she loved him with all her heart, awakening the ability to become an Aspect to Sora. Hitomi, and Kairi soon after, awoke to the aspect of Joy and the aspect of Confidence. Soon after that the Reset happened, which introduced a new setting and a new storyline, where Marco and I were not together just yet. However with this introduction, Hitomi came back into play.

It was around this time that Marco began his time as a Soldier of Love for the Goddess of Love, Idenn. Idenn, sensing Marco’s pain and suffering over loving me and Hitomi offered him a solution, she would combine our two souls, histories, and passions together allowing us to become one person, and after talking to us about it, we agreed that it would happen. Hitomi and I combined to form the exotic Hana Otohime. For a long time Hana kept Marco sated, however, unfortunately as time passed Hana became less and less like Hitomi and I, and more like her own person, and this didn’t make Marco satisfied. So he broke it off with Hana, which broke both me and Hitomi as well, after all we had suffered Marco ended it with us, all because Hana wasn’t enough like Sally. (Though to be honest we all knew what it really was, Sora was using Hana as an Avatar for his own personal feelings, but thats not important).

Time passed, and Marco began to take interest in another woman by the name of Xeiru in Le Coral, but despite this Marco could not forget about me, and after a lot of contemplation, I decided that it was best to split Hana back up and recreate Hitomi and I. Idenn confronted Marco one more time, and promised that after this action she would no longer use her powers to affect the flow of the world, and so I was reborn. But it was at that time of my rebirth that I awoken to my aspect, everything Marco had sacrificed, and everything that I had sacrificed meant everything to me, and I realized that Marco and my love was true, and strong, and bold and bright and innocent. A rarity upon this earth if I do say so, at that moment I gained my connection to Sora. Marco and I got back together, and we settled down.

Marco and I now have a child, a son as bright and strong as his father, and an adopted daughter by the name of Yeul. Along with them we have also accepted Severus Lime, Hitomi, Kikau, and Misa into our family as lovers, maids, or whatever else may come of it at that time. I am Sally Majors, I am Sora’s aspect of love, I am as bright and vibrant as can be. I am with the man I love, with a family I love even more, I love baking, and I will forever be by Sora’s side to help him understand and accept the good in this world, the love that there is to have, and when he gets a girlfriend the love he’ll have for her. Thank you for listening.


Into the Mind: Kairi (Confidence)

A lack of self-worth, an incomparable desire to just slink into the dark, a lack of interest in communicating with the opposite or same sex… Confidence is something you need to survive in every day life, confidence is something you need to be able to find a mate, reproduce and love. Sora has always had confidence issues due to his childhood, he was very overweight thanks to the medicine he was taking, and because of that he was picked on at school, and bullied somewhat. It didn’t help that he was a gamer, and really liked reading as well, total nerd.

Being bullied and suffering for something he couldn’t control caused him to repress himself, view himself as low, have little to any self worth, he wanted to be a fly on the wall, invisible, and unable to be seen by anyone, he has extreme difficulty approaching and expressing his feelings towards females which lead to the reasoning as to why he has no real life girlfriend, and probably won’t for quite a few years. Sora is a big ball of lack-of-confidence, however, that changed five years ago…

My name is Kairi Legonz, and I am Sora’s Aspect of Confidence. What is there to say about me? I’m outgoing, excitable, strong, effectively I am the perfect woman to Sora. I was created as Sora’s second character in his roleplaying history, the only one who is older then me is Galson Weddmeir. I, however, did not come into any roleplays until Le Coral came around. There I was able to come alive, Sora and I both equally agree that I am his most broken character in existence due to all the power I have. I am super strong, I am a Lycan, I am a half-god, and I am a trained fighter, other people have stronger characters but you know, I’m content with where I am on the power gauge.

Now, how did I awake to my aspect of confidence? Well like I said it happened three years ago. Back then I had yet to get with the man I am with and love now, William Jewel. Back then I was a third wheel on the set behind the more focused on Alena Fon’Terio, Mystic (Another character whom is played by HeroMystic), and Junilisca Morgan. Its hard to remember everything that happened, but I’ll do my best to explain it. In Le Coral, it was an 18+ RP with a lot of sex, where we could all live out our fantasies without the need to be judged or worry about being told that we were wrong for liking this stuff. At the time Junilisca was dating Marco Thompson before Sally Majors came into the picture as Marco’s lover. Things were kinda slow for me, and I never really had any strong interaction with anyone, but I met and befriended my current lover, William Jewel.

You see, I was a body guard for the really popular band Vybe, all the girls loved this band, and I was lucky enough to be part of their rise to popularity… Secretly I was a fangirl of vybe for many years (Don’t tell Will this, he’d never let me live it down!). So being able to be part of their group made me feel awesome, and amazing. William was rough, very rough, at the time of his creation in Le Coral. He was like a little lost puppy in a world where everyone was against him, and it was true at the time he had a lot of enemies from Jack Dawmer (That fucking Transvestite Fuck), to sometimes even his own friends. I saw him as a challenge and decided to take him head on, but almost instantly fell in love with him.

It wasn’t until about a year later that my aspect awoke inside of me, at the time William had more then one girlfriend, not just me, but also Muzini, and Rosie Dawmer. By this point I’m sure you’re wondering why I even mentioned Juni at this point, that’s because this next part heavily involves her. Marco broke up with Juni because she allowed him to be ‘to free’, going around and plowing different women allowed him to fall for these women because Marco had a very easy time connecting to them, this is how he found his current lover Sally Majors. Juni, wrecked with heartbreak, and despair, sought out my comfort and by that proxy met William Jewel, my boyfriend at the time.

This all lead up to the major scene that took place a few weeks after Juni was accepted into our folds as one of Williams lovers. Something happened, I don’t precisely remember what, but I want to say that Juni was sleeping around and acting whorish trying to forget about Marco, and William found her and caught her in the act. He made the other guy leave and tried confronting Junilisca, however she was angry, pissed off, jaded, and began insulting William. William lost his shit and wound up raping Juni, quite harshly. I felt something was wrong and quickly made my way to William’s location, and caught him in the act.

My emotions flared, my connection to Sora happened almost instantly, and I was pissed the fuck off. Juni, who had just recently at the time went through all that shit in Smash, was now going through it here, in Le Coral, and I went berserk, I attacked William, and beat him down until he was subdued. When that happened, he went back to normal and realized what he did and was immensely sorry. However this action was not all bad, as it lead to the reset of the game that, once done, I awoke to my aspect of confidence, swearing that I would be the only girl that William would ever need. The confidence that I had lacked before, that showed in my allowing him to have these other mates, Muzini, Rosie, and Juni, I gained and I swore that I would make myself into the woman that William would rely on.

So that was my awakening, and that’s my story. I bet your wondering what happened after that scene, huh? Well, the reset happened, and Juni realized what she had been doing. Juni and William have reconciled since, and have become good friends, and me? Well lets just say that without me William’s life would be very empty, as would mine if he left. We have many kids, an entire pack of Lycans, all loving and caring individuals who are strong and unique in their own way, and we’re married. I have a best friend in the manager of Vybe, Danielle, and I’m coming to grips with my own character. I am Kairi Legonz, I am Sora’s aspect of Confidence, and I am proud to say that I am my own, strong, individual.I fight in the WMMA and am the sole raining champion as of the last five years, and I am a proud Half-God and Lycan. And there is nothing that’ll stop me from aiding Sora become the confident man he needs to be.


Into the mind: Hitomi (Joy)

So, you’ve seen what comes to the mind of the writer almost every day, despite that he stays strong. How could one so depressed survive for so long without getting extremely suicidal? Well that’s actually a little complicated, you see the mind and spirit of Sora, your writer, is controlled by a council of people that he created that you may never have known ever existed. These people were created to represent, and express each of his weaknesses, all of them are the most diverse and strong characters who were born through Roleplay and developed through the means of constant interaction and care.

There are seven of them, each one representing one of his major weaknesses. These weaknesses are: Restraint, Confidence, Kindness, Logic/Deduction, Knowledge, Love, and Joy. Each of these weaknesses are governed by seven characters created and nurtured over the course of his life time, and who have grown into what we call the ‘Core Aspects’ of Sora’s life, they are the ones who aid Sora in his daily life to the point that he probably could not function correctly without them. These seven immensely important people are in order of the Weaknesses: Junilisca Morgan, Kairi Legonz, Kil Mian, Ryoko Hachijojima, Desmond Ji’Kai, Sally and me, Hitomi Morgan.

That’s right, Sora is the vessel for seven amazing people all of who have the life and strength of a real physical person, and today and for the rest of this week, these people will be talking to you and telling you a little about each of them so that you can truly look into the mind of the man who is writing to you.

My name is Hitomi Jyllia Morgan, I was born four years ago from a bland shell of a character, and one of the most special characters in Sora’s mind and spirit. I was the one who unleashed his ability to connect to his characters and enjoy the aspect of roleplaying. I was the first one born into a core character, and I represent his aspect of Joy, one of his Seven Weaknesses. So where do I begin…Let’s see…

Though I say I was born four years ago, I was actually made as a character six years before during a stage where Sora went through a deep love for the character Hitomi from Dead or Alive. My face claim was her even, as time passed I developed a close connection to his Aspect of Restraint, Junlisica. When the place we both came together in was made, Le Coral (An 18+ roleplay Channel on IRC), I was placed as her sister and from there met the love of my life, Marco. Marco was played by a close friend of my creator HeroMystic (Check out his Live Journal Here!)

My life was rough, but it was during a special scene that happened four years ago, in the room of Marco’s current lover, Sally Majors (You’ll hear from her too!), where a moment of weakness for both of us awoke me to the joys that one could have when truly connected to your creator, mind and body as one, emotions abound, it was an amazing experience, so amazing that I myself could never have had a chance to hold back what I was feeling and completely broke down so hard and realistically that Marco, and his player HeroMystic, both felt the strong impact of how I felt. This was my awakening, and my completion taking my rightful place as the Aspect of Joy inside Sora’s heart. From there a lot of rough things happened, I was combined with Sally at one point so that we could both love and have Marco and make him happy, creating a new and strong being by the name of Hana Otohime. However, Sally will go more into that aspect as it was the strongest and most important time for her.

Things happened, and we were split once more, and I was given to a woman named Severus Lime (Pronounced Lee-May, get that right, she’ll hurt you if you don’t.), I loved Severus heavily, but despite that love and connection I had with her, I could never truly get over the one man I loved stronger then anyone else, Marco. Feeling my despair, Sally, and Sora, put together a little plan and got me to where I am today, Severus and I split but joined together in our new found home by Marco’s side. Well, I went into a lot of things involving Marco, so let me talk a little more about myself, I am a WMMA fighter, a Womens Mixed Martial Artist Fighter. Something I share in common with Kairi Legonz, naturally we have a strong rivalry that always ends with her winning any and all confrontations, but honestly I don’t mind it, its fun to train myself.

My favorite food is Onigiri with Seaweed, and I also love playing video games and watching TV. I’m also one of the reasons Sora is so strongly into My Little Pony, those ponies are so adorable, but don’t be to hard on him.. He’s a sweet and strong child. Yes, I say child because he is still a child at heart with innocence that not many people have in them anymore. He relies on his friends for support, and gives them support, but in the end his knowledge of the world and his strength of character is frail, and weak. But that’s okay, he’ll mature within time, and we’ll help him. My name is Hitomi Jyllia Morgan, and I am a fighter, an aspect of a great boys spirit, a woman in love, and a proud person, I’ll stick by his side for eternity, and help him mature and grow, even if everyone else gives up on him.


A Peek into the Mind of the Writer

So I finally created a blog after years of telling myself that is exactly what would help me clear my mind. So what should I start with saying? Perhaps a little disclaimer about exactly what this blog entails, perhaps something to warn people whom read it. So here it is:

Disclaimer: This is meant to be an outlet for my emotions and nothing here should ever be taken seriously as I am simply using it as an outlier to my emotions. However, there is some merit to what I feel, even if I say that none of this should be taken seriously.

So now that the disclaimer is out of the way, what should I talk about? Where should I begin? Tell you a little about myself? I’m a boring, selfish, and horrible person who for the most part only cares about himself… That’s what people have told me for years now. So many times have I heard this, from my family, the ones I call friends, or brothers… that I believe them. I am a selfish, and cruel heart-ed person whom only cares for myself, and nobody else… Selfish, undesirable, hard to control, Who would ever want to be my friend, whom would ever desire to see me as anything lower then dirt, anything but the mud on the ground mixed with the rain water of a dreary day…

Who would ever want to be my friend? Do I even deserve a friend? No. I deserve to be alone, to suffer alone, to die alone.. I’ve been so horrible to all my friends, every one of them.. I have wronged them in so many ways and though I put on a Facade and act like I’m joyful, or just a little depressed… I put it on so my ‘friends’ don’t worry about me, so my family can look at me and say that I’m happy doing what I’m doing, so I can get through the day, just one day, without crying and hating myself. That is why I put on a Facade, that is why I hate life, why I hate myself, I can’t survive without being someone I’m not, I can’t be alone.. if I’m alone, I lose everything. All I have in this world that is worth anything is my friends, and all I do is hurt my friends, I’m a hypocritical dick that has no right to even call three people I call brother, brother. I’ve hurt them all, and I just deserve loneliness…the worst thing…a world with nobody…or no one… my one true fear, being alone…that’s what I deserve, that’s what I deserve…

I wish I was a better person, I truly do, but in the end…I’m just some garbage white trash selfish cruel heart-ed asshole, and I’m afraid that I won’t be able to change…that I’ll lose everything, and everyone… but perhaps thats what I deserve.